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The Female Autism Phenotype

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Our reviews

This course is a must for teachers, supply teachers, administration staff, teacher aides and parent/carers.  I’m a retired teacher (now supply teacher) and appreciate how beneficial this course would be  to everyone involved with girls who present as being quiet (often with a head in a book or carefully watching from sidelines), a loner or being considered ‘over the top’ with their communication skills. Unfortunately their incredible  strengths would be overlooked and deficits become a major problem leading to a misdiagnoses or she goes through childhood/teen years as a ‘difficult person who needs more discipline’.  Dr Jill covers so much in this course and it is easy to understand.  I urge you to view this opportunity for worthwhile PD on such a much needed topic.  Dr Jill provides further learning opportunities at the end of the course , valuable resources and references. I found the opportunities I took for further learning  demonstrated to me how much one needs to find out about this phenotype and my ongoing learning is essential.  Thank you Dr Jill. 

Our Reviews

Loved the course Jill, Very easy to understand and follow and I especially liked the CASSIE tool you came up with. Lisa P

What our students had to say

Valuable content in bite sized pieces. Perfect for busy people who want to learn about autism. Gilly

Our reviews

This was absolutely wonderful!! I have a 25 year old daughter that definitely fits in this frame.   Nicole N

I have a lived experience with Autism; as well as being a parent to two children with autism, and I am an ex-teacher.  I think this content will be highly useful to someone in any of these roles. From a professional perspective, I value that you have given concrete strategies to assist educators in supporting girls in the classroom. From a personal perspective, I am grateful that future generations will be identified and assisted early.

Anna L

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