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Our services are available in our therapy room in Redcliffe or via Zoom.


general counselling – to manage and maintain good mental health. Work through any challenges you are experiencing at this time, including anxiety management.

neurodiverse and autistic adults – support for late diagnosis, anxiety, sensory processing, identity, discovering strengths, managing challenges, healing from misdiagnosis.

parents and carers of autistic children and adolescents – caring for a special needs child is ongoing and can be exhausting. It is important you look after you too, talk with someone who understands the challenges of the carer role. Support for pre-and-post diagnostic journey. Assistance with understanding an autism diagnosis, reports and intervention.

Women’s wellbeing – includes self-esteem and confidence building. Also, endometriosis and adenomyosis support – understanding and support for women who have this ‘invisible’ and chronic illness and either have a diagnosis or currently on their journey toward a diagnosis.

Men’s self-esteem – relationships, dating and love can be difficult to talk about and navigate. Find the best version of yourself to find purpose, love or just work through a difficult time in your life.

divorce and separation – a difficult period that requires mental strength and the need for an outlet to heal and navigate this difficult time. *legal advice is not provided.

post-natal support – providing pre- and post-natal support. The early days and years of parenthood can be daunting to navigate and can feel especially lonely. Find yourself again with the right supports in place. in the early stages post-birth.

DV and family court trauma recovery – This can be a particularly isolating time and courts can be daunting. We can support you through recovering from the trauma inflicted through the DV and family court process. *legal advice is not provided. Dr Jill works in collaboration with Miracle Mums Movement to provide support for women who are healing from DV and narcissistic abuse.

Teacher well-being – the retention rate for teachers is 5 years. Teacher have more demanding jobs than ever and need to look after their mental health. Or perhaps, you are looking for a career change. We understand the demands of teaching and can help minimise teacher ‘burnout’.


pre and post diagnosis of autism – the diagnostic journey can be exhausting, it can be helpful to talk through the process, take a mental break, and where needed, guidance on intervention, strategies and understanding the diagnosis. For adults and carers/parents of children.

academic/ study support – not sure what to study? returning to study? deadlines looming? struggling to organise the semester? Support is available for adults who are studying to assist you to achieve your study goals. There is an option after the initial consultation for ‘check-ins’, which are shorter consults at a lesser fee. Options can be discussed at your initial consult.

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